MDA Hop A Thon comes to Kalia the week of April 13th 2015!

April 06, 2015

The MDA Hop-a-Thon is a disability awareness, acceptance and education program that teaches children three core values of awareness, acceptance and assistance. Learn the three A’s: Awareness, Acceptance and Assistance to others!

The Hop-a-Thon lesson plans offer schools a great way to generate positive publicity about the school and community, and to educate the public on disability awareness and diversity.

The Five-Day Hop-a-Thon Lesson Plan Includes:

  • Teaching children and their parents about muscles, and physical differences and abilities between all people.
  • Helping children learn about diversity and accepting all kinds of people and disabilities.
  • Providing children with a hands-on approach to the importance of helping others.
  • Teaching children a fun, new activity to give them a keen sense of pride and accomplishment.
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