• Kalia Kids Preschool Kids

    Our Preschool Kids Program, along with our Junior Kindergarten Room, is a Kindergarten preparatory program that is not only age appropriate, but individually appropriate as well. Our classroom has been designed to offer a number of different activities in our various learning centers throughout the school day. Each center is represented by materials, which stimulate young minds and offer a hands-on approach to education. These materials are rotated on an ongoing basis to peak the interest of the children, giving them an endless array of new opportunities to further their road to discovery, with the guidance of teachers who are highly trained in the field of Early Childhood Education and who have a natural love an understanding for all of the children in attendance.

    The children are encouraged without pressure to broaden their learning experiences through science, math, social studies, art, computer science and large and small motor activities. Whether it’s pretending to be a chef in the Dramatic Play Area to building a skyscraper in the Block Area or creating a masterpiece at the Writing Center, each child’s achievements are revered by positive, uplifting reinforcement by the teachers.

    Music is a big part of our program. Poems and finger plays are introduced on a daily basis to encourage language development. The children are also exposed to print and language integrated into every activity center and are encouraged to “read” books and to write their name in upper and lower case letters.

    With a desire to expose children to all of the different cultures surrounding us, cooking international recipes, taking an imaginary trip to a faraway land, reading books that encompass more realistic themes and storylines and giving the children he chance to speak about their own heritage, we open the windows of the world in our classroom.

    Often guest speakers are invited to share their occupations and experiences with the children. Many of our speakers are our parents, who work with us in a team-like approach to provide a partnership that is unmatchable, with only one goal in mind… Happy Children!

    “We open up the windows of the world in our classroom.”