• Kalia Kids Kindergarten

    Our Kindergarten Program has been intricately designed to provide a solid foundation for children to build upon as they continue on to elementary school. Our classroom ratio of teachers versus students is kept purposely small, giving each child the opportunity to avail themselves of more one on one attention. Each child progresses at a speed that represents their own capabilities and their individual stage of development. Teachers, who are highly trained in the field of early childhood education, work with each child to help them reach their maximum potential.

    The room is divided up into several different learning centers, equipped with materials to spark the curiosity of young minds with a hands-on approach to education. Children are encouraged to visit each center daily and to discover what new adventures await them. Through these learning centers, the children broaden their horizons through science, math, social studies, art, computer science and large and small motor activities. They are also introduced to common phrases and expressions used in other languages, such as Spanish and French.

    Phonics is a big part of our curriculum, which leads to early reading and writing skills. Letter and number recognition and formation are introduced in a non-pressurized setting, along with simple addition and subtraction. For children who have expressed a desire to read or who have already begun to read, teachers will provide private time for these skills to be advanced.

    Providing teh children with a variety of art materials, the teachers give them the opportunity to be creatively expressive and to reach into themselves to produce their own unique works of art. Music, both classical and popular, is heard throughout the school on a daily basis to increase the appreciation of the important part this art form plays in our daily lives. Poetry and finger plays are introduced to encourage language development and participation in circle time activities. Cooking for fun and to increase the awareness of the five senses becomes an art in itself as the children add a little bit of this and a little bit of that to produce an eatable creation.

    Since kindergarteners still learn a great deal from play, dramatic play and building with blocks, all different types of materials are made available as is the opportunity to exercise and enjoy playing outdoors in our well-equipped playground.

    Parents are invited to become full partners in our Kindergarten Program by volunteering in the classroom and attending holiday parties. They are also asked to share stories of their heritage or their professions with the children and to join with the teachers to create an unmatchable liaison, which proclaims that the children and their needs come first above all else and reveres each child’s achievements in a positive and uplifting manner.