Kalia Care

Nurturing Care for Infants to age 2.9
  • Our program for infants is designed to meet the individual needs of each child in our care. It is here, at the beginning stages of life where their educational foundation is created and nurtured.

    • Spacious Environment

      Ample room is provided to accommodate each infant’s personal supplies. Rooms are large, bright, and cheery with lots of natural light. Cribs are arranged so the teachers have a clear view of each child throughout the day. learn more…

    • Individualized Routine

      Developing an individual routine with the child’s parents, the teachers are able to adhere to a schedule that is consistent with family home life. learn more…

    In providing a program for toddlers, our highly trained teachers understand that these children learn with their whole bodies. They learn by doing more hands-on activities, manipulating and exploring on their own.

    • Encouraged Exploration

      Our understanding teachers will go with the cues of the child and view that as learning, extending it even if it isn’t part of the day’s planned activities. learn more…

    • Guidance & Support

      Individualism is encouraged and children are given the freedom to make choices under supervision. Fair and consistent limits are taught. learn more…

    Our Junior Preschool Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the “older” toddler and young preschooler. In this stage of development, they are faced with a huge growth experience.

    • Discovery

      An introduction of new, age appropriate activities encourage growth and development in the areas of language, fine motor skills, and self expression. learn more…

    • Positive Reinforcement

      Using positive reinforcement, our teachers avoid getting into power struggles with the children and instead make their time with us a fun, loving experience. Patience and reinforcement are key to success. learn more…

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    Our postal address and contact details
    • Kalia Care

      105 Charles Eldridge Drive
      Lakeville, MA 02347
      Phone: 508-923-0077

    • Kalia Kids

      104 Charles Eldridge Drive
      Lakeville, MA 02347
      Phone: 508-923-0015

    • Kalia Karr Dance

      105 Charles Eldridge Drive
      Lakeville, MA 02347
      Phone: 508-947-1899

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      7.00 am – 5.30 pm