• Kalia Care Toddlers

    In providing a program for toddlers, our highly trained teachers understand that these children learn with their whole bodies. They learn by doing more hands-on activities, manipulating and exploring on their own. Toddlers discover their world on a physical level, so it’s expected they will prefer walking, climbing, carrying objects, dumping or dropping objects to sitting, picking up toys, or playing in a designated area. These large muscle activities are age appropriate for toddlers and crate the center of their learning world.In planning for toddlers, our educators are prepared to be flexible and spontaneous. Because they are active explorers, toddlers are eager to try new things and use materials in new ways. Our understanding teachers will go with the cues of the child and view that as learning, extending it even if it isn’t part of the day’s planned activities.

    Toddlers are working on becoming more independent individuals. Our teachers respect this and allow for opportunities for children to be responsible and to make choices. They also understand why certain behaviors must be limited and set limits that are fair and consistent. Expectations for behaviors are developmentally appropriate and allow toddlers to be challenged with the guidance and support of their teacher. Consequently frustration is dept to a minimum and the child’s dignity and self-concept remain intact.

    Our teachers view play as a valuable learning tool and plan their daily activities to capture the interest of their young students. They move from simple to complex aspects of play by using appropriate art experiences for creative exploration, various manipulatives to develop cognitive and physical skills, as well as building blocks, music and books. The classroom environment allows for children to choose activities and respects their need for ample time to use and reuse activities repeatedly, which aids in fostering competency and helps to build self-esteem. The setting is stimulating and inviting. It offers comfortable places for privacy and for interacting in small groups. Children’s artwork is proudly displayed and is respected, for this is the beginning of the masterpieces of the future.

    Our parents are an important part of our program and so is the parent/teacher partnership we pride ourselves in developing. It is through teamwork and a strong love of children that makes our toddler program so unique and offers children a place where their individual needs and happiness are our top priority.

  • What to Bring:


    • Diapers and diaper creams
    • 5 pairs of underwear (if toilet training)
    • crib sheets
    • two sets of clothing
    • weather specific items including sunscreen
    • non-aerosol insect repellent bathing suit
    • towel and sun hat
    • snow pants and boots
    • mittens
    • hats