• Kalia Care Junior Preschool

    Our Junior Preschool Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of the “older” toddler and young preschooler. In this stage of development, they are faced with a huge growth experience. It is our job to make this as smooth as possible for each child in our care. As they travel through this stage, they explore and discover the world on a physical level, and as they mature begin to master these skills. Slowly their attention span and level of understanding grows to allow them to process more information, therefore increasing their ability to “learn”.

    Older toddlers and young preschoolers are becoming more independent individuals. Our highly trained educators respect this and develop a curriculum that is individually appropriate. They also understand why certain behaviors must be limited and set limits that are fair and consistent. Behaviors are accepted that are developmentally appropriate with guidance and support from the teachers, who keep frustration to a minimum thereby leaving the child’s dignity and self-concept intact. Our patient, warm teachers redirect the children to help guide them toward controlling their impulses and behaviors. Using positive reinforcement, our teachers avoid getting into power struggles with the children and instead make their time with us a fun, loving experience.

    By introducing music, poems, and finger plays during circle time language development is encouraged. The children are starting to discover the world around them by dipping their hands into textures such as paint, water, shaving cream, and sand, leading them to the road of self expression. They are also given the opportunity to improve their fine motor skills by using scissors, lacing cards, and puzzles.

    For those children who are ready for potty training, our teachers work hand in hand with the parents to produce positive results in a relatively short period of time by using patience and reinforcing each child’s successes.

    By developing a close partnership with our parents, we insure that each child’s needs are met with one goal in mind that the children are happy and safe!

  • What to Bring:


    On the first day please bring:

    • Diapers/diaper cream
    • Crib size sheet
    • lightweight blanket
    • Two complete sets of clothing

    In the warmer months please bring:
    • sunscreen
    • non-aerosol insect repellent
    • bathing suit
    • beach towel and sun hat

    In the colder months please bring:
    • an extra hat
    • extra gloves
    • snow pants and boots